Payment Summary (HKD - Hong Kong Dollars)

Payment Item Advance Rate* Regular Rate
Full Registration

HKD 3120

HKD 3440

Student Registration

HKD 2000

HKD 2320

Additional Banquet Ticket

HKD 800

HKD 800

Additional Lunch Tickets (x4)

HKD 640

HKD 640

*Advance rate is applicable before 11:59pm, 22 July (HK Time). Afterwards only the regular rate applies. Full registration includes one souvenir set, four daily lunches, one banquet, refreshments during reception and coffee breaks. Only students with a proof of the full-time student status from their supervisors are entitled to student registration, which includes all items of a full registration except the banquet. Buy an additional banquet ticket and the additional lunch tickets (x4), if you wish to bring a guest to join the conference banquet and the four daily lunches.

Payment method

Please register and pay online via

Payment made by Visa or Master Credit Card or by Paypal are acceptable.

In case you encounter a difficulty on making online registration and payment, please email us immediately at with the subject "SETA2018 Registration problem".

We strongly recommend you to reserve your hotel rooms as soon as possible, because 1-6 October is the National Holiday Week of China and the hotel rooms may run out very quickly.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation request must be sent to with the subject title "SETA2018 Registration Cancellation Request" by 27 July 2018 to ensure a full consideration for refund.