Welcome to the 10th International Conference on Sequences and Their Applications (SETA 2018)!

SETA 2018 will be held on 1-6 October 2018 in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

SETA is a leading international conference in the areas of sequences and their applications to communication and cryptography. The conference provides a forum for the research communities of these domains, and covers all of the fundamental, computational and implementation aspects of these fields.

Previous SETA conferences were held in Singapore (Republic of Singapore) 1998, Bergen (Norway) 2001, Seoul (South Korea) 2004, Beijing (China) 2006, Lexington (USA) 2008, Paris (France) 2010, Waterloo (Canada) 2012, Melbourne (Australia) 2014, and Chengdu (China) 2016.